Linea di perforazione della bobina

KINGREAL coil perforation line is made up of parts that work together to successfully produce a perforated coil, including andecoiler with a straightener, a punch, a shearing for length cutting, and a rewind. As a professional manufacturer in China, KINGREAL has rich experience in project production and professional production team can provide high quality coil perforation line.


KINGREAL perforated punching machine can perforate metal coils in addition to only metal sheets. Additionally, a major benefit of mass production is the ability to lower the cost of raw materials.

It also has the capacity to perforate and quick production times thanks to its systematic perforation line. By doing this, work is reduced and resources are used effectively.


The two patterns that are used the most frequently are square and square staggered patterns, both of which can be created with the same piercing tool by simply cutting the punch in half.

Apertures range in size from 0.7 mm to 3 mm and beyond. The most typical diameters range from 1,5 mm to 2,5 mm, and the typical spacing between the holes is 4 to 6 mm.


KINGREAL will alter the punching die to suit the demands of the customer, welcome to order!

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Benvenuti ad acquistare Linea di perforazione della bobina di alta qualità dalla nostra fabbrica, KingReal come uno dei produttori e fornitori di Linea di perforazione della bobina in Cina, possiamo fornire ai clienti un listino prezzi e fornirvi preventivi convenienti.
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